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Stay here

Enjoy it your way.

Gerlos offers a wide range of activities, mountain tours, bike trails,  skiing, snowboarding and a lot more... Bad weather on it's way? no problem when you can stay cozy and warm at moos.

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Time spent

among trees is never waisted time.

Moos is based in the enchanting region of the Zillertal surrounded by the impressing mountains of the Zillertal alps. Moos is quietly located just outside the village center of Gerlos and offers an relaxing stay in the mountains during your winter and summer holiday. 

The ritual of happy buddha.

Experience pure luxury and ultimate relaxation during your stay with our Rituals Happy Buddha luxury line. The Ritual of Happy Buddha is inspired by the ancient Chinese monk whose legendary smile brought happiness wherever he went. The uplifting fragrance is based on sweet orange and cedar wood an is designed to boost your mood.

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